ERO Market Analysis

Grow Your Business and Know Your Competitors through this Valuable Support Tool

With your ERO Market Analysis, you will learn details on competitors in your market area, your region, and nationwide.  Use this information to determine the value of your business, identify who your competition really is, and determine your future marketing plans.   The ERO Market Analysis reports are updated regularly as new information becomes available.

- View electronic filing volumes of competitors in your market area over the last 15 years.

- Access filing patterns, market share percentages and rejection rates of your competitors.

- View your national demographic comparisons, and your growth rate analysis.

- Find the level of competition and saturation of the national chains in your market area.

View Your FREE ERO Market Analysis For Your Zip Code Below

Refund Advantage has expanded access to the ERO Market Analysis Report for enrolled and active users to include Basic Reports for all zip codes in your state, in addition to the Premier Report for your zip code.

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* Basic version is available free, and includes filing volume and other information on all locations in your zip code and immediate surrounding area. 
  Additional information is available through the Premier Version, available to EROs actively utilizing the Refund Advantage program.

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